Limousine and Coach Transport Software

Trarez makes your life easy. Developed by people from the industry its aim is to deliver an application which works easy but has all the features and more you need.


Administration made easy


We set out to build the application that is easy to understand and use. It has all the features you require to sell your products organized in easy to follow steps.


We offer a complete set of functionality. However, if you have specific requirements we will gladly discuss them with you and adapt it to your needs.

Anytime, anywhere

Access your system from any device, anywhere. Whether it is in the office, from your home or on the road. Know that you monitor what is happening 24 hours per day.


Do more with Trarez


Easy reservations

Don't waste time getting the reservations into the system

Trarez offers two straightforward reservation functions, a concise and a more extended one. Depending on your needs you can use either.

You first set up your services, add your prices to it and voila, you're good to go and make your first reservation. The system comes with multiple search options. You're never more than one click away from finding back the reservation you're after.

A range of reporting options and other functionality prevents you from overlooking reservations by accident, leaving passengers behind is a thing of the past.

Scheduling made easy

Know exactly which driver and vehicle

Our 'drag and drop' scheduling tool helps make scheduling an easy job.

Just take the reservation and drag it to a vehicle and/or driver. Once you're done it only takes one more click and your driver receives the manifest for the day in a clear PDF format.


Drivers App

Inform your driver in realtime

Not only will your driver have the days manifest, he/she can also stay up to date with any changes during the day.

With his/her own access to the driver module your driver has live access to his/her manifest and therefore can see changes made immediately. Phone numbers, emails can be added to app enabling your driver to contact your customer as well if needed.

Stay ahead of trouble

Keep track of what is happening on the road

With our live dashboard you stay informed realtime what is going on outside where it all happens.

Possible delays and problems can be acted upon before they're happening helping you stay ahead of the game, and provide invaluable customer experiences giving you an edge on the competition.


Web reservations made easy

Private customers and Agents

And of course, the Trarez booking experience offers the same easy booking experience for your direct customer and agents. In a few clear steps the client can make his reservation through you website.

All this is tightly integrated with your back end. Ensuring 24 hours access and reliability in booking.